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    We’d lead perfect healthy lives, with no accidents or serious illness.
    We’d raise perfect healthy children who don’t need operations or special medical treatments.
    We wouldn't need a fire brigade, because nobody’s house would ever burn down.
    We’d have perfect careers, with no disruption from redundancy or sickness.
         And we’d never, ever crash the car.

​But “life ain't perfect. “
         • Every year more than a quarter of a million New Zealanders are unable to work for several months or more, due to a health setback .

        • 1 in 6 men and 1 in 9 women who reach 30 will die before they reach 65 .
         • Between 12,000 and 15,000 people are injured every year in road accidents.
         • Every week hundreds of people are diagnosed with terminal cancer, heart attack or  paralysis.

Are you prepared to gamble that it won't happen to you?
       ​​•  Do you have enough saved to make up for the curve balls life throws at you; a financial cushion that can cope with anything?
       •  If you need a new knee or a stent in your heart. Do you have enough stacked away to avoid public hospital waiting lists?
       •  if you or your partner are unable to work for some months, even permanently because of accident or illness. Will you be able to
          make your mortgage or rent, buy food, pay the power, pay someone to loo after the kids?

​Insurance is an inexpensive way to balance the risks of life.
Carefully chosen insurance helps you to meet unplanned expenses, replace lost income, and look after your family if catastrophe means you’re no longer around to help. Insurance provides money when you need it most, so you can focus on setting things right or getting better.

But everyone’s needs are different.

We each have different family circumstances and attitudes to accepting some of the potential losses. We have different sick-leave entitlements, savings or other financial assistance we can call on.
​​A Planet insurance adviser will help you to tailor the insurance plan that works best for your individual circumstances.
They will help you build an effective insurance safety net.
Our advisers know that you don’t have to cover everything, just the most important things. They also know the benefits and drawbacks of the different insurances available so they can help you construct the insurance plan that delivers the best value for you. They may also be able to suggest some strategies that will keep your premiums lower.

Better than doing it yourself
Putting together insurance protection without the help of an adviser is a bit like cutting your own hair. You'll get a result, but it won’t be the best-possible result.
But, unlike cutting your own hair where you know straight away if it isn't right, you won’t know if you have a good insurance plan until you need to use it – and then it will be too late.​

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In a perfect world.....