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The Adviser's Role

An adviser has 3 very important roles

1. Helping you create a plan specific to your individual circumstances

2. Keeping the plan current with your changing circumstances

3. Taking the stress out of making a claim.

A plan specific to your circumstances

  • If you know exactly the amount of cover you need to maintain an adequate lifestyle no matter whether you can't work for 2,3 6,12 months or longer and
  • If you know the type of insurance policies that best fit your individual circumstances and
  • If you know which insurance company has the best benefits to meet those needs

then there may be no need to use an adviser


  • while you know what you know, and
  • you can find out what you know you don't know.....
  • You can't find out what you don't know you don't know.

​That's where using an adviser comes in.

Their sole reason for existence is to help you work with you to determine how much you need & when you will need it and then construct an insurance package that is tailored to your circumstances, making sure you get the best bang for your buck.

In talking with you, they will find out, among other things;

  • what plans you already have in place & what funds you can call on
  • what you believe it's most important to cover
  • how much you are prepared to tighten your belts if something happens
  • etc.

They will also discuss the various option available to plug any gaps - and there are a multitude of different ways this can be done.

Armed with this information they will help you build an effective, personal insurance safety net.

And, what's more, it is unlikely to cost you any more than it you went straight to an insurance company!

Putting together insurance protection without the help of an adviser is a bit like cutting your own hair. You'll get a result, but it won’t be the best-possible result.
But, unlike cutting your own hair where you know straight away if it isn't right, you won’t know if you have a good insurance plan until you need to use it – and then it will be too late.​

Keeping the plan current

Because your circumstances will change over time, the plan you start out with may not be relevant later on.

Your adviser understands this so together you will work out when to review what is put in place.

Of course, if your circumstances change before then, you should get in touch with so your plan can be updated.

Help at claim time

This is where the rubber hits the road!

Having an accident or illness or your partner dying is a stressful time, so having to deal with making a claim is probably the last thing you need to be bothered with.

That's where you adviser will help.

Just get in touch with them and they will do everything they ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible - not something you would get if  you had bought your cover direct or through a bank.

To talk to an adviser near you,